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About Abigail Moats
Abigail Moats, "The Communication Expert," President and Founder of QA Enterprises, LLC, a full service Communications Company, is often referred to as "A CHANGE AGENT," believes that EVERYTHING IS COMMUNICATION and believes that "Everything Begins and Ends With A Conversation!"... Read more
Week One

What Do YOU Really Want To Say? Learning To Communicate In Difficult Life Situations.
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Six Week Training Series
The "Communicate To Greatness! 6-Week Training Series," is an Original Concept Of: QA Enterprises, LLC and "The Communication Expert."  The purpose of the offering is to conduct a 6-Week exclusive training, professional and personal skills enhancement series focused on the platform of "Improving Individuals Effective Communication Skills & Techniques, Showing Them How To Get The Most Out Of Their Lives In Every Area," focusing on "Six-Key Areas," 1 per week over the course of The 6-Week Program.  

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Audience Adult professionals, multi-gendered, from varied backgrounds and skill-sets, who want to communicate more effectively, confidently, knowledgeably and overcome some challenges in their lives.  This 6-Week Training Series will tackle, train, confront, address and empower participants.  All programs focused on subject content from the book, "Communicate With Power In Life, Love and Business, To Access Your Greatness!" by Author, Abigail Moats, supported by authorities and top professional colleagues in these very areas.  
Week Two

What Is The Best Way To Position Myself For Advancement In My Organization During These Uncertain Corporate Economic Times? How Do I Communicate Effectively To Negotiate "The Best Deal" For Me?

Week Four

Entrepreneurship: The Next Wave Of Business Globally; What Is Your Entrepreneurial Capital? How To Create Your Brand, Develop Social Media Presence and Become A "Profitable" Business, Not Just A Business!
Week Three

What Does My Health Communicate About Me? Do I Know My pH Levels, Blood Pressure Level, Heart Health or My Risk Factors? I Must Be Whole To "Communicate To Greatness!" Where Do I Begin?
Week Five

How To Communicate Effectively And Remain "Connected" In Life While Experiencing Grief or Loss, i.e., Loss Of Spouse, Parent, Child or Re-Building Esteem Post Divorce.
Week Six

Graduation and Award Ceremony! All Participants Will Communicate Their Newly Learned or Further Developed Skill Sets As A Result Of The Entire "Communicate To Greatness! 6-Week Training Series."
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Register here!
Six Week Training Series...
GUARANTEED Outcomes and Benefits of  "Communicate To Greatness! 6-Week Training Series"

Here Are Some Benefits and Outcomes to Anticipate as a Result of Our Training & Consulting with You and Your Organization: 

  • Increased Self-Confidence To Communicate In All Areas Of Your Life
  • Increased Sense Of Purpose For Each Team Member and How "YOU" Play A Key Role In Your Organization
  • Winning With Family and Personal Relationships Through Increased Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Greater Organizational Synergy, Team Building And Organizational Leaders Improved Communication/Workflow
  • Increased Professional Sales Strategies and Techniques With Customers=GREATER PROFITABILITY$$$$
  • How To Better Understand "Non-Verbal" Communication Of Staff To "WIN" At Work, Your Business, And Personal Life
  • Sharper/Keener Decision Making Abilities Due To Improved and Effective Communication Skills Gained

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Here Are A Few Of Our "Communicate To Greatness! 6-Week Training" Expert Speakers:
Abigail Moats, "The Communication Expert," President/Founder of QA Enterprises, LLC, Leadership and Sales Trainer, Human Developer

Larry C. Pickett, MBA, CSSBB-Six Sigma Black Belt Trained, Executive Project II Business Manager 
Andrew Morrison, President/Founder, Small Business Camp, Business Building Expert Globally, Business Strategist
Dr. Courtney Witherspoon, Board Certified Holistic and Nutritional Clinician and Health Expert
Johanna Bridges, MSC, LPC, CDVC- Clinically Licensed Therapist, Counselor, Expert In Grief, Recovery, Emotional Wellness