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Abigail Moats, "The Communication Expert," Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Strategist of QA Enterprises, LLC, a full service Communications Company, often referred to as "A CHANGE AGENT," believes that EVERYTHING IS COMMUNICATION and that "Everything Begins and Ends With A Conversation!" 

Abigail Moats is a Gifted Transformational Speaker/Evangelistic and Apostolic Prophetic Voice, Author, Licensed and Award Winning Financial Services and Retirement Planning Advisor, Servant Leader, Leadership and Human Capital Empowerer. 
QA Enterprises, LLC, empowers, trains and strengthens small, mid-size, to
Fortune 500 + businesses, Leaders and organizations nationwide to achieve team synergy, process improvement and greater success with desired outcomes, through implementing Effective Communication Skills and Strategies. 

QA Enterprises, LLC, targets, consults with, advises and assists corporations (top executives, management, top professionals and employees), women’s and social organizations; young people; churches, non-profits and social groups nationwide and globally, through organizational development and skillful project management. 
Abigail, for over 20 years, has been helping tens of thousands to date, achieve greater success, efficiency and break-thrus in their lives, their careers, businesses and interpersonal relationships, by providing them with effective verbal communication tactics, techniques and implemental strategies.

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More About Abigail Moats

Abigail is a born leader and began her early impact speaking professionally as a teen to other teens for the Postponing Sexual Involvement Series, then later for the Making It Count Programs, Nationwide. She has spoken to tens of thousands of students and adults in high-schools and universities throughout the country and to young people, men and women from detention centers and prisons to churches and professional organizations nationwide and has received many Honorary Awards for her service efforts. She has won numerous Debate Competitions, Shakespeare Recitations and is a Pageant Finalist. Abigail holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing from the University of Cincinnati and began, as her mother states: “Articulating at 2 years of age and has been Speaking ever since!”  

She has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, radio, television and talk shows locally and nationwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV and Cable News and is widely sought after for her powerful, life-changing, result-yielding keynote addresses, platform speaking, facilitation and training seminars. She has spoken to audiences of all ages, races, ethnicity and persuasions and adapts relevantly to her audience and the issues and challenges facing them or their organization. Abigail is a Podcast Host, radio personality and voice-over talent, creating commercials and content, utilizing her soothing varied vocal ability and range. 
Her ‘On-Air’ personality and handle is “Queen A”! 

Abigail is also a Successful Sales and Marketing Strategist, from Healthcare, Financial Services to Direct Marketing where she has achieved honors from Presidential Director, National Trainer to her professional career of over 8 years as a Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Representative, achieving #1 Sales Financial Services Representative Regionally and Nationwide for all companies she’s worked with, building and training successful teams, featured on several company Audio and DVD trainings and Magazines, and has created and conceptualized Company Logos, Promotional Taglines and logistic Strategy for many of her clients corporations. 
Abigail is a creative, proficient, multi-talented and accomplished individual!

Abigail is affiliated with many professional organizations and is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA). 
Abigail is currently working on several new and additional empowerment products and initiatives, including more Books, empowerment Tours, organizational development and educational curriculum and support materials for Teens as well as her National Empowerment Tour, "The Can We Talk?!? National Empowerment Tour"(TM), developing a Television Program and expanding Her love of Radio, to a greater  platform! Abigail is focused on Global Impact, Success and Transformation!

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Abigail Moats
"The Communication  Expert"
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"Out Of  8.1 BILLION People In The World, And Counting, NO ONE ELSE, Has YOUR: ThumbPrint, Tongue-Print, Retina Print or Vocal Pattern, That Means YOU Are A Unique, Divine Original, With A Contribution Only YOU Can Make To This World! Discover Your Purpose and FULFILL IT!"(TM)

Abigail Moats, The Communication Expert